I Pesci

Foil baked barramundi and vegetables in white wine, tomato and anchovy

Pan fried red snapper with stewed garbanzo beans and tomato avocado salsa

Pan seared tuna tagliata with stracciatella, broccoli puree and quinoa salad

Poached Norwegian salmon with broiled asparagus and creamy dill lemon

Oven baked Atlantic black cod with sautéed potatoes, onion and bell pepper in prawn bisque sauce

Le Carni

Spring chicken alla arrosto with roast pumpkin and mushroom sauce

Grilled chicken breast with gratinated mozzarella and vegetables in spicy tomato concasse

Lamb rack scottadito with baked eggplant and spinach topped with parmesan cream

Grilled Angus tenderloin with gratinated asparagus, sautéed potatoes and truffle gorgonzola sauce

Grilled Angus rib eye with potato chips and pink peppercorn sauce (300gm)

Pan seared calf liver with spinach, onions and potatoes in lemon white wine sauce

Veal scaloppine with sautéed spinach and mushroom brown sauce

Veal Milanese with spaghetti pomodoro


Sautéed spinach with parmesan and cream

Pumpkin mash

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic

Grilled or sautéed mixed vegetables

Sautéed broccoli with garlic and butter

Mashed or roast potatoes

French fries with truffle aioli